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Meet Andrew Siphakongviseth, a Junior Media Playday Friend from Duncanville PDF Print E-mail
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We are trying to give our local juniors more attention, and one way to do that is through out Junior Media Playdays. That way, young players can discover us while we are discovering them. Win-win and all that.

At the playday we held during the Walnut Creek Mid-Cities tournament in January, we met lots of new juniors, including Andrew Siphakongviseth, and it occurred to me that players such as Andrew deserve attention simply for coming out to play Mid-Cities tournaments and trying their best. The fact that Andrew also took the time to join our playday made a great impression on me. He's the kind of person I want in our game.


Our playdays have attracted highly skilled players as well as beginners. We also have met players such as Andrew, who is trying hard to improve but knows he has a long way to go. Lots of players are like him, and it's good for them to hit with each other in a noncompetitive format such as our Junior Media Playdays.

Andrew with some Duncanville tennis friendsI would like you to get to know our local juniors better, so I'm going to feature them from time to time in a way that lets them do the talking (with some lightweight editing) in a question-and-answer format--starting with right now. We will feature players who let us know they want to be included and others we hear about and approach. This is an all-inclusive feature or an all-inclusive tennis website about players in the Greater Fort Worth area (just a reminder that we need you to let us know you are there. Fort Worth is a big enough place. You start calculating the "Greater" part and this place really gets large!).

Andrew with friend Christina Macy XayyarajFor our first junior profile, I have chosen Andrew. Not only did he make our playday more fun by spreading his infectious love for tennis by chasing down balls and laughing heartily; he also just returned from the Asian Olympics in College Station. He is Laotian and was really looking forward to the AO when I interviewed him.

Junior Profile: Andrew Siphakongviseth

Q: Which tourneys have you played in?
A: The tournaments I have been playing in are non-sanctioned tournaments. I haven't played in ZATs in a long time, but I'm trying to get back in ASAP.

Q: How have you done?
A: About the tournaments, I been playing not so well (losing some games), because I mainly work out now instead of being on the courts practicing. But I'm practicing for this tournament called Asian Olympics. It's a sport for Asians, but you could have one non-Asian to play. They have flag football, basketball, volleyball and my favorite sport: tennis.

Q: What parts of your game are you working on?
A: I am working on my consistency and working up at the net. My consistency is what I have trouble with, because I am really an impatient person. So I try to look for openings and hit winners--which I sometimes get a 3 out of 10 lol! My net coverage is somewhat there, but I tend to be afraid and stay at the baseline.

Q: Where do you play, and which division do you play in?
A: I play for Duncanville High School, but school is a struggle, so it's hard to play. It's really good to play for Duncanville, because there are people out there whom I can play with and practice. My division is 18 Singles. I don't play Champs or Super Champs, but I call myself a Non-Qualified player.

Q: What else can you tell me about you and your tennis?
A: Tennis is one of the sports that I put my heart in and love, but school is what I mainly focus on, because I want to make my parents happy and graduate so I can play college tennis and make it far. My idol is Kei Nishikori, because I could see me playing like him and hope that I could be like him one day. I hope I can continue on my lifetime dream and make it to professional tennis and play the big tournaments.


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